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Raising the roof: building a chicken coop

Inspirational Stories | March 29, 2018

Erin’s vision for a dream home didn’t focus on spacious kitchens or trendy décor. It did require an open concept—in her backyard to accommodate her farming ambitions.

That’s been Erin’s mission since she worked on a farm when she was in college. The allure of growing her own fruits and vegetables while gaining environmental benefits from raising chickens was strong.

When Erin bought her house, she immediately built raised beds to grow those fruits and vegetables, hoping the motivation would carry over to building chicken coops. But the challenge proved to be too intimidating at first. Erin had the motivation to make it happen, she just needed some confidence and instruction. Through The UpSkill Project, Erin was able to learn valuable carpentry skills which allowed her and a team of local Lowe’s employees to construct a custom chicken coop right in her own backyard. Erin now enjoys fresh eggs, a supercharged compost bin in addition to weed and bug control, courtesy of her chickens.

We’re proud to help ambitious people like Erin enhance their homes and communities.