DIY Success: This Grandma Makes More than Memories

Inspirational Stories | March 29, 2018


Everyone has a different motivation for taking on a DIY project. For Taunja Roberts, all the motivation she needed came in the form of 14 of her favorite people—her grandchildren.

Spending time with family is important to Taunja and she wanted to make sure that she was giving her grandkids the best memories possible. She knew that she wanted to update her backyard patio space to encourage more playtime and togetherness. She didn’t know how she was going to make it happen.

The Lowe’s UpSkill Project arms people like Taunja with the skills and knowledge to complete their own DIY projects. We want to see more dreams turning into reality—and then have people pass on the knowledge to friends, family and neighbors to pay it forward and build a better community.

Taunja created her dream backyard with a little help from Mikey, her UpSKill Teacher, and a few members of the Lowe’s team. Together, they installed a water feature in her garden and built a new table with enough room for all of her grandkids. The project was so successful, Taunja started planning more projects that she was now confident enough to handle on her own.

The only question now is, how can we help make your dream project a reality?