Just Two Days to Take Control of Your Home

Inspirational Stories | March 27, 2018

We all have visions of what our dream house would look like. However, for Jeff and Amanda Kopp, their flooring was so mismatched that they couldn’t even envision what the perfect flow for their home would look like. They needed a flooring change as a means to simplify their home canvas and take control over an improved home flow.

The Lowe’s UpSkill Project believes that there are always little things we can do to improve our homes, and also our lives in the process. Jeff and Amanda’s situation is a perfect example.

The couple has always believed that less is more, so they wanted to simplify their flooring themselves. By doing it on their own, Jeff and Amanda knew that they could save money, personalize the project and spend time together doing it.

All they needed was a little help getting started. Mikey, their UpSkill Teacher, gave them the basics and they took it from there. The couple quickly learned how to remove their old flooring and install new luxury vinyl flooring. It was exactly what they were looking for and it gave them a great sense of pride knowing that they completed it on their own.

At the conclusion of the UpSkill Project, they kept going. Jeff and Amanda took control and installed flooring in three more areas in just two weeks. Their success empowered them to do more, which is what the UpSkill Project is all about.

How can we empower you?