Stair stories: Repurposing the most unlikely places

Inspirational Stories | August 9, 2018

Mother, architect and book lover are just a few titles for UpSkiller, Heather N. Her most recent title, however, is DIYer! With her ever growing book collection, she has run out of space for all her books – until now. Heather has many hollow staircases throughout her Buffalo, NY, home and she knew they could be useful in some way. Why not as mini book cases?

The spaces under Heather’s staircases weren’t huge, but they were big enough to host some sort of purpose. Being the book worm she is, Heather has always dreamed of mini bookshelves under her staircase in her master bedroom. Only thing is, Heather wasn’t sure how to start the project and was a little overwhelmed by the funky shape of the staircase.

Through The UpSKill Project and the help of Lowe’s professionals, Heather was able to learn the skills needed to complete her project. With some new carpentry skills and some encouragement from Lowe’s associates, Heather created her dream book case. She learned the proper way to cut, measure and install these custom-built book cases and is now quite the expert.

There are many places in our homes that we think don’t really serve a purpose. But Heather has shown that with a little imagination and the right tools and knowledge, anything can be done.

Heather has a lot of books and lucky for her, she has many more staircases throughout her home. Her plan is to convert all the spaces to host her plethora of books. With the confidence built during The UpSkill Project, this time she is doing it all by herself.


Video by Odyssey Visual Media

Images by Jackie Hausler from Haus2Home Blog