The art of reusing

Inspirational Stories | March 29, 2018

Some people might have seen this run-down iron gate as an eyesore. Denise Cavner’s intuitive ingenuity allowed her to see so much more. The clinical herbalist and yoga enthusiast had a vision for what this gate could be in her new zen garden.

Denise makes a point of using repurposed objects to create unique visual aesthetics while being both eco- and budget conscious. That ethos drove a lot of the decisions she made in creating her garden with The UpSkill Project.

And in the end, Denise had a space she could be proud of. Her clients love it and, as she tackles more backyard projects, she even plans to practice yoga in this transformed outdoor space.

That’s UpSkill’s mission. To empower people to accomplish that first project and watch as their confidence grows, and one project turns into five projects. Then the knowledge is shared with family, friends and neighbors, and more people are realizing their DIY dreams.

Now it’s your turn. What project inspires you?